Fiorella Montero-Diaz - Lead Researcher

Fiorella Montero-Diaz is a Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology at Keele University, UK. She has studied classical piano performance and sound engineering. She completed her MA in Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths, University of London and her PhD in Music at Royal Holloway University, UK. She specializes in urban hybrid music, and the use of music as a social nexus in post-war contexts, with an emphasis on youth identity, upper classes and whiteness. Her publications pioneer the examination of the impact of the Peruvian internal armed conflict on the traditional upper classes of Lima. She has published ethnomusicological articles in specialised magazines and books such as Ethnomusicology Forum, Musiké, Popular Music and Anthropologica, among others. Currently, thanks to a grant from the Global Challenges Research Fund funded by the British Academy of Medical Sciences, she leads the project ‘Sounding a Queer Rebellion: LGBTI Musical Resistances in Latin America’ together with Musicologist Luis Gabriel Mesa Martínez.

She is Head of the Department of Music and Music Technology at Keele University, member of the Executive Board of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE), and the UK Network for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Studies (EDIMS)

Luis Mesa Martínez - Lead Researcher

Doctor in History and Sciences of Music from the University of Granada (Spain), trained as a pianist and musicologist at Macalester College (Minnesota) and the University of Paris - Sorbonne (France). His albums include four compilations of Latin American music for piano and chamber ensembles, with a particular emphasis on the dissemination of composers from Nariño, Colombia. In this vein he has also co-produced two documentaries and published books on the life and musical work of Luis Enrique Nieto and Maruja Hinestrosa.

As a musicologist, his scholarly publications focus on discussions of identity, gender and transnationality. He has won several awards including the “2015 Musical Research and Editing Scholarship” offered by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, as well as the “Calls for Culture” of the Government of Nariño in 2016, 2017 and 2019. His most recent academic achievement was securing a grant from the Global Challenges Research Fund (United Kingdom) together with Ethnomusicologist Fiorella Montero-Diaz, with his project “Sounding a Queer Rebellion: LGBTI Musical Resistances in Latin America”.

He currently directs the Masters Programme in Music at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogota

Río Cerón

A queer artist from Bogota with an academic background in the construction and performance of popular music. He has a career of 24 years in teaching and creating various musical projects that have allowed him to venture into the field of composition, arrangement and currently also music production, as well as performing with various instruments and as a vocal artist.

Currently, he is focusing on his solo career with the release of his first EP TRAS DE UN SUEÑO 2019 and his first album LADO B, which is soon to be released. His music, self-described as anachronistic pop, is often related to alternative pop and the independent scene. The influences that ground him include varied genres ranging from jazz, rock and funk to Colombian provincial music.

Río Cerón has created many projects such as: EL MEDIO, a fusion rock group: Rock Al Parque 1996, EL PARCHE FUNK, VIA GROOVE: first knockout round JAZZ AL PARQUE 2002 and PEDRINA Y RIO, a duet that he formed with Edna Arcila, alias PEDRINA, with whom he recorded two albums Canciones Sin Ropa 2014 and Prisma 2017. His first Single ‘Enamorada’, which has more than 14 million views on YouTube, was the soundtrack for the film “Kiki El Amor Se Hace” by Paco Leon Barrios as well that of the Netflix series The House of Flowers. He also took this project to the following festivals between 2015 and 2016: ESTÉREO PICNIC and ROCK AL PARQUE in Bogotá Colombia; HORIZONTE in Koblens, Germany; CHARCO in Madrid, Spain; SXSW in Austin, USA; MUSIC FESTIVAL OF THE PACIFIC AND ASIA REGION in Krasnoyarsk, Russia; VIVE LATINO and P'AL NORTE in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico, among others. He also  opened in Bogota for Fonseca and Andrés Cepeda on their COMPADRES tour, as well as for  Aterciopelados in Barcelona and Madrid.



Singer by family background and training. Trans artist and boy-girl since childhood. Eme’s approach is collaborative creation and cultural self-management. Eme has participated in music, stage art, audio-visual and interdisciplinary projects. They share workshops on voice, song and composition, using song as a form of expression and protest.

Eme holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts with a specialty in Music - Popular Singing from the PUCP - Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Peru, but is increasingly convinced that their greatest learnings came from family heritage, the community, and the experience of working as an independent trans artist and with dissident artists who they have come to know

Angélica María Gómez

Psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, Master in Sociology (mention in Gender, Politics and Sexualities) and Doctor in Social Sciences from the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris, France. She currently lectures on the Master of Interdisciplinary Development Studies at the University of Nariño, Colombia, and researches as part of the Gicea Group of the Universidad del Cauca, Colombia.

Her research interest relate to decolonial and global south feminisms, and age as a discursive production category that involves processes of subalternity and otherization