The story behind vogue and the queer”dancers of Transmilenio (public bus service) and public demos

Text originally published in Pulzo

“Empowered and fearless in stilettos.” Three LGBTQI activists, dissenting bodies, as they call themselves, took over a crowded Plaza de Bolivar (Bogota) this April 28th, on the first day of national strike, amidst the euphoria of a crowd, that, though it was not expecting them, celebrated the boldness of the dancers facing off with the riot police and joined in the protest.  

“You feel the power in your veins. I felt I could rebuild the country with a single step at any moment” one of the dancers, Axid Abismal told Pulzo, still agitated from her brief intervention in front of the Palace of Justice.

Nova Ebony added, “we have to go out, express ourselves with art, love and empathy to change the course of this nation,” she is another lead actress of the video we will see below: 

Many already knew about them, they had seen them dance to the rhythm of guaracha in a viral video where they starred in shorts and crop tops in the Transmilenio bus, but who are they and what is the meaning of the dance vogue for which they have become so popular?